Influencer Program

Influencer Program

Are you enjoying your BimmerTrend Products?
Start earning money by just sharing with your friends! 

(We Recommend Adding A Link In Your Social Bio's As A Good Source)

We value 'word of mouth' so much that we've put together a generous affiliate (referral) program. Which means, every time you refer a customer our way, we'll pay you a percentage of the sale as a thank you.

You can sign up for our affiliate program by emailing us at:

Our marketing strategy is a bit 'unique' in that we prefer to put money in our customers' pockets rather than spending tons of money on ads with Google or Facebook. It's a win-win.

When you sign up for our referral program, you can start earning extra income in just a few minutes. We'll help you spread the word via social media. Your friends and colleagues will thank you - and so will I.

Again, to sign up for our affiliate program by emailing us at:

Thanks in advance,

-Your team, at BimmerTrend

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