BE Performance Connecting Rod Bearing Set - E9X M3

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Designed and manufactured by Clevite to BE Bearing specifications.

These bearings replace the factory BMW rod bearings. The original BMW bearings have too little clearance, which leads to premature bearing wear and can cause early engine failure.  Furthermore, the factory BMW bearings are made from tin-aluminum which are 5-times harder than silver-oxide. A softer bearing is better for your engine and more tolerant of foreign particles suspended in your oil.

The V2 BE Bearings have a new look. The original Calico PTFE coating is gone and replaced. The original bearing was a standard Clevite Tri-Metal "H" series design. The new bearing is still tri-metal, but is an "F" series design. The F Series is coated with Silver Oxide, instead of the Calico PTFE. The F series shell design can handle 30% more load, and the Silver Oxide coating is better in low oil and boundary conditions than the Calico PTFE. This means your engine will have a stronger bearing for higher horsepower that will withstand low oil and clearance abuses even better than our previous design. This is the same bearing design used by Dodge in the Hellcat engines, and BE Bearings is the first (and only) aftermarket manufacturer who has it. This updated bearing spent two years in development.

These BE Bearings feature a state-of-the-art Clevite design with the Clevite silver oxide

  • Withstand higher torque loads (higher horsepower loads). Silver oxide handles 30% more load capacity.
  • Stronger backing material.
  • Better embeddability.
  • Better at low-oil boundary conditions
  • Designed for start-stop engines (like 2010.5 and later)
  • Better anti-seizure resistance
  • Designed with extra clearance to "fix" the BMW rod bearing design flaw.
  • Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.
  • Standard Size