BLACKLINE Performance G8x Washer Fluid Cap

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Introducing the full replacement Billet Washer Fluid Cap for BMW G8x M3/M4!  Built-in with a no spill seal technology to solve for the leaking of washer fluid from the factory washer fluid reservoir.  These are the most complex Goldenwrench pieces created to date. Meticulously designed and created in-house to the highest precision and quality seen on our other products replacing the factory unit with an all-new form factor.  We bring to you the newest addition to the BLACKLINE Performance product line for BMW G8x M3/M4.  

Give the plain plastic factory cap an upgrade with our brand new BLACKLINE Performance Washer Fluid Cap.  Each cap is CNC formed from T6 Aluminum and anodized.  All logos and decorations are finalized through our precision 3D milling process, machined into each cap for the ultimate premium finish. Each kit comes with the Billet Washer Fluid Cap, and an Installation Instruction Card.  This is a full replacement unit getting rid of the factory cap installing easily in minutes.