Blackline Spec Billet Paddle Shifter Set

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The newest product release from the BLACKLINE Performance line is here: BMW F Chassis BLACKLINE Spec Billet Paddle Shifter Set from Goldenwrench!  Meticulously designed with the driver in mind with a mission to enhance the overall driving experience for a more connected drive between you and your vehicle.    

During the design phase each paddle shifter is lengthened to help improve your shifting position.  Constructed and CNC formed from T6 Aluminum in a slim unibody design with the factory backing plate eliminated in order to maximize finger room for the perfect shifting position and to minimize flex in the body of the shifter unit during shifts.  

Available in a traditional race inspired silver machined finish or a sleek stylish satin black anodized finish with the shifting symbols laser etched at the top of each shifter.  Both styles will greatly enhance the aesthetes and functionality of your interior.  The BLACKLINE Spec Billet Paddle Shifter Set will fit most BMW F Chassis vehicles F22/F87 2 Series, F30/F80 3 Series, F32/F82 4 Series and F10/F90 5 Series, F39 X2 Series, F25 X3 Series vehicles and more.  Give your interior the ultimate upgrade.  Each kit comes with a set of Billet Paddle Shifters, and Installation Instructions.