High Performance Intercooler - FXX N55

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CSF is a leader in automotive cooling technology, with over a half-century of experience. Seeing a need in the market for a new intercooler design for the N20 and N55, they gladly accepted the challenge and produced a High Performance Intercooler with a stepped core and a bar and plate design. This design allows for reduced intake temperatures and helps produce more noticeable power at the wheels. This item fits like stock, with no modification needed done to the vehicle, and with significantly out perform your stock intercooler and most other intercoolers on the market.


  • Stepped core design for maximum surface area contact and internal intake air-flow volume. Largest “drop-in fit” intercooler available in the industry.
  • Designed with 3D scanning / rapid prototype technology to ensure precise fitment and maximum surface area utilization. Lab tested on CSF’s in-house wind tunnel.
  • Rounded front face bar/plate design for optimized airflow through the core. *A CSF World Exclusive*
  • Drop-in fit” design for an easy & quick plug-and-play installation. Complete with OEM style “Quick-Connect” inlet/outlet connections.
  • Fully reversible back to OEM spec with no modifications needed.
  • ~40 *F drop in temperatures when compared to the OEM intercooler after multiple repeated runs.
  • Power increase of 15-20 hp on stock cars, 25+ hp on modified vehicles.
  • Available in silver (#8115) and matte black (#8115B)
  • Lifetime warranty.