Mosselman Twin Oil Cooler Kit - N54/N55

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The E-series N54 and N55 engines are no strangers to oil cooling problems. These higher capacity oil coolers ensure that E-series models equipped with an N54 engine stay cool, even during heated conditions. We strongly advise combining the cooler kit with the Mosselman Oil Thermostat (ES4446095).

The Mosselman Oil Cooler Kit replaces the OEM cooler on the right side of the car and adds an extra cooler on the left side. The kit comes with two Setrab 19-row oil coolers, two stainless Mosselman brackets, one Mounting bracket, one Oil adapter (AN8), and a hose kit (3 hoses).

Note: This item is not ''plug-and-play''. You will need to make some adjustments to the car to fit the bigger oil cooler and bracket. Additional OEM products that you need for the installation are: oil cooler front air duct (left), wheel arch air duct (left), inside wheel arch for the auxiliary cooler (left). The installation time is approximately 4 hours.

Installation Instructions: