SPEC Stage 2+ Performance Clutch Kit (for SPEC single-mass flywheel) - N54

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Tuning your N54/N55 with all of the bolt-on upgrades? Don't allow your clutch or flywheel let you down! The stock clutch is fine for a stock car or just a simple software upgrade. But anything more and it quickly becomes the weak link (especially with drag races or hard launches). The 135i/335i/535i/Z4 35i SPEC Stage 2+ clutch kit is perfect for owners who want a performance clutch that works great with simple bolt-on modifications and will have a minimum of downsides or trade-offs. SPEC has spent considerable time and effort on the 335i models to produce a performance clutch and flywheel package that holds up to track and drag strip demands but is also easy to live with for daily driving. This clutch kit is meant to be used only with a SPEC flywheel.


  • The flywheel has a peak torque rating of 545ft-lbs
  • Limitations of the stock flywheel are eliminated
  • Self-adjusting, like the factory design, and the engagement point can be adjusted
  • Sprung hub clutch to be used with the single-mass flywheel with near-stock levels of noise, vibration, and refinement

**Due to the nature of lightened single mass flywheels added "NVH" or "chatter" will or may occur during operation. Accompanying modifications can also increase or decrease the amount of "NVH" or "chatter" in the drivetrain. Please contact our sales team with any questions.*



BMW E60 535i N54 3.0L
BMW E60 535xi N54 3.0L
BMW E82 1 M Coupe N54 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E88 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335is N54 3.0L
BMW E92 335xi N54 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E93 335is N54 3.0L